Special moments

The most important things in life are the traces of love that we leave behind when we go

Words of hearts for special moments?

There are always special days in your life when you wish for someone to find the right words for the occasion.  Words that come from the heart. They should fit the occasion and be individually tailored to you.

We also find the right words for every occasion - words that go to the heart, that inspire your guests. Often they are linked with wisdom, in other cases they are mixed with a pinch of humor. The important thing is that the words reflect your feelings and fit in with your celebration.

We would be happy to guide you as a speaker through these special moments. These can be

  • the "baptism" for your offspring
  • the funeral service of a loved one
  • a laudation for a much appreciated person or
  • a ceremony to renew the marriage after many years of being together


Words that come from the heart underline the meaning of this moment and give it the appropriate framework. With the right words, all these moments become a precious memory.

As freelance speakers, we will also have at least one intensive preliminary talk in which we will get to know you and advise you on how this special day can be arranged.

We are looking forward to your call!