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What bridal couples say about us

Dear Andrea, 

we wanted to thank you again, you made our free wedding ceremony very special.

It was beautiful. It will remain an unforgettable day for us.

We will definitely recommend you☺

Best regards 

Andrea and Christian


Wedding in Gerzen

Hello Andrea,

it was really a wonderful day also thanks to your wedding speech, which was totally beautiful.
We got many comments from guests that it was just the right mixture of serious and funny.

We wish you continued success with your weddings and speeches.

Best wishes from

Jacob and Annika 

4.5.2019, Castle wedding near Augsburg

Hello dear Andrea,

also in this way again many thanks for your great speech at our wedding! 😊

We found ourselves very well in what you said and also our guests were enthusiastic!

Best regards

Conny & Roman

28.8.2018, Wedding near Glonn

Dear Andrea,

You gave a really very fitting and emotional, but also funny speech, which not only we, but also our guests liked very much.

We would also like to thank you again for your company until then.

It was really exactly how we imagined it would be.

Many dear greetings and all the best for you,

Alex & Claus

29.07.2017, Wedding in München

Dear Andrea,

we would like to thank you once again for the wonderful wedding ceremony! Your speech was just perfect, very emotional, personal, but also relaxed and funny! For your company and support until the wedding we would like to thank you of course! We wish you all the best! Best wishes

Nici and Sebastian


Wedding in Landshut

Dear Andrea,

For us it was immediately clear that you would be our wedding teacher and we were very happy that you had the time.

We and our guests found the free wedding ceremony wonderful! Especially the personal and emotional words of you made our wedding very special! You took us back with you on our journey of getting to know each other and perfectly summarized our love story. We still remember the candle ceremony with pleasure today!

Many thanks for the wonderful wedding ceremony.

Fabienne & Ralph

09.09.2017, Wedding in Luxemburg

Dear Andrea,

I wanted to thank you again and for your support during the preparation time. We received very positive feedback from our guests, especially because of you and your speech. Thank you very much. Express yourself.

Christiane and Markus

27.05.2017, Wedding at the Chiemsee

Dear Andrea,

the wedding ceremony was soooooo beautiful and many were moved to tears Even my mother, who otherwise shows almost no emotions, let tears roll down her face.

Thank you very much for your very successful ceremony! We have received very positive feedback. Everyone was thrilled!

Many thanks again for that!

Best wishes,     


Anke and Bernd

29.04.2017, Wedding in the mountains

Dear Andrea,

thank you very much for your contribution

to our wedding. More beautiful and

more personal we would have liked to have our wedding ceremony

cannot even imagine. Our guests were really very touched by it; especially since most of the

have never been allowed to witness a free wedding ceremony......

Best wishes and a nice one to you

Day with lots of sunshine, 

Tanja and Thomas, 

22.07.2016, Wedding in München

Dear Michaela,

We would like to thank you again for a very successful, highly personal, emotional and fantastic wedding speech.

With your calm and level-headed manner you have inspired us from the beginning!

The organization and coordination of the content and course of our special day left nothing to be desired.

You conjured up a moving speech from our statements about the nature and personality of the partner, your own wishes and dreams, which could not have been more personal and beautiful. It was the sensual combination of personal details and metaphors of love.

Through your warm, close and natural being you gave us the feeling that a friend was talking about us.

Your small and unobtrusive tips and hints - here a rose. there a bowl of rice and rose petals for the taurings - prepared and the ideal - and professional - accompaniment of our perfect day.

What and how you spoke will always remain in our magical memory. Thank you very much for accompanying us on the most beautiful day in our lives, in which you have a big part to play!

Boris and Heiko,

Wedding on Mallorca, 2016

Dear Micha,


But without your wonderful speech, which was exactly tailored to us, something very important would have been missing from the whole ceremony.

We were already sure after the first phone conversation with you that you would be the right person for our wedding speech.


Our first good feeling was then confirmed at our ceremony.

The personal and very warm speech was exactly what we wished for our big day!


We are very, very grateful to you!


Best regards


Nicole and Tino,


Wedding on Mallorca