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In one or two preliminary talks we will discuss the course of your ceremony. We also suggest music and symbols for your wedding ceremony.

Of course we are interested in your life and love story, how you met each other and the most important stations in your life so far. But also what you value in each other and how you imagine your future together. Your free wedding ceremony should be one thing above all: emotional and personal.

Your free wedding ceremony abroad, for example under the Italian sun or on the beaches of Mallorca. Whether it's a romantic twosome, just with your best man or in a large circle of family and friends:

We would be happy to arrange your free wedding ceremony according to your wishes.

More packages for you to book:

Would you like to have live music at your wedding ceremony? Our singer or a musician will gladly accompany this emotional moment.

On your big day, not only you but also your surroundings should shine?

We will discuss with you in a preliminary talk the possibilities to arrange your free wedding ceremony according to your motto, colors and ideas and recommend a florist who will realize these ideas with you.

We also lend decorative items such as a red and white carpet, a rose arch, a pavilion, ring cushions and flower baskets.

You have guests who do not understand German. We are happy to offer you a free wedding ceremony in two languages. Your wedding ceremony could be in German/English, German/Spanish, German/French or German/Italian. Should you wish other languages, just contact us.

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