Symbolic wedding

Happiness is to spend time with a person,

that turns a normal day into something special.

What is a free wedding ceremony?

You stand with your loved one or your loved one in a beautiful garden surrounded by trees under a pavilion decorated with roses. Your wedding speaker speaks about your love and how you imagine your future together. He expresses what you value in each other and how wonderfully you complement each other.

The most important people in your life are witnessing how you promise each other marriage in your own words, exchanging rings as a sign of your love. A singer sings your favorite melody - the song that means so much to both of you.

Later, each guest lights a light for you. Each light symbolizes a wish that should come true for you.

This or something similar could be your wedding ceremony. That depends entirely on your wishes and ideas. But in any case, it would be as you dreamed it would be.

That is what makes a free wedding ceremony! It is as unique as you are.

Why a free wedding ceremony?

A free wedding is no substitute for the civil wedding, since only this is recognized by the legislator.

But the free wedding ceremony is a ceremony that goes to the heart, that is unforgettable for everyone, because it is very personal.

A free wedding ceremony is especially interesting for people:

  • who have different denominations or religious views
  • who are not religious, but wish to have a very personal ceremony
  • who have already been divorced once and therefore can no longer marry catholically (but dream of a romantic wedding)
  • who have been married for a long time and want to renew their marriage


We free speakers support you in making this very special day bear your signature.

That means, we advise you whether and if so, which rituals are built in. Conceivable are the classical ring exchange, the common lighting of a candle, a sand ceremony or a wedding blessing.

Whether your ceremony contains religious elements is entirely up to you. You are not bound to any specifications.

Your wedding ceremony can be based on church celebrations or be completely detached from the familiar.


You are also not bound to one place. 

What do you think of a romantic lakeside or a mountain meadow covered with flowers?

We will consider with you which place suits you best.

You can choose your favorite restaurant, a mountain hut, a wedding ceremony on the sandy beach or a beautiful castle.

We also offer you the possibility to celebrate your wedding abroad.

Maybe you wish a wedding ceremony in Italy, France, Spain, Bali, Morocco, Hawaii or South Africa. Also there a German speaking ceremony is possible with us.


There are also hardly any time constraints if you arrange your desired date with us early enough.

We recommend that you plan your wedding 6-12 months before your wedding.

If the sunset is to be included, we can also prepare the wedding ceremony at a later hour.

So you will notice: No matter what it is about, you are the center of attention!